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Joseph Ghaleb is a shadow worker, meditation teacher, holistic dating and relationship educator, tantric guitarist, and perfumer on a selfless journey to help others awaken to their true nature.

For as long as he can remember, the intensity of the sensory world has always inspired Joseph, and at times made him feel like a mutant dreamer. While kids around him were playing cool in school, he was rocking a fro, a camera, pondering the big existential questions and astral projecting at night - which is why he feels that a good-hearted dreamer should give back.

Joseph has always been devoted to communication and deep spiritual discovery. He was a visual artist and a cinematographer who eventually couldn’t resist committing himself to his calling: guiding men and women to find their natural and unimpeded state of being.

Friends and clients refer to him as a life study, with an incredible power to see things (beneath and within) that the average mind will never penetrate.

Combining 6 years of daily zen practice with interpersonal healing, Joseph is known for transmitting rich insight and new perspectives.

Joseph is a certified Embodiment Teacher in the Realization Process as well as being qualified as a Realization Process Spiritual Psychotherapy Practitioner.

“Far too many of us simply don’t know how to take charge of the mind's restlessness. We let the stories of our past and the anxieties of our future define who we are, when instead it is entirely possible to live free from such bondage, with a very rich and deep sense of clarity and openness.

This is our birthright. 

I don’t teach anything that requires your belief, I only care to help guide you back into your true self.

Whatever the issue, I combine embodiment practice with shadow work and conflict liberation tools to release holding patterns and illuminate the sub-personalities that we keep stumbling over, hidden deep in our unconscious.

With sustained practice, one can be liberated from mental, physical and spiritual blocks in order to become more familiar with an inherently perfect and joyful condition; our stable, natural and powerful birthright for intuitive living, spontaneous action, fearlessness, clarity and harmony, even amidst life’s ebb and flow.”