Joseph Ghaleb is an Artist. Filmmaker. Vlogger. Teacher & Awakening Guide. 

For as long as I can remember, the intensity of the sensory world has always inspired me, and at times made me feel like a supernatural dreamer. While kids around me were playing cool in school, I was rocking a fro, a camera, pondering the big existential questions and astral projecting at night - which is why I feel that a good-hearted dreamer should give back.

In 2010, I began to immerse myself in Zen Meditation and self-inquiry, propelling my own personal growth, inner-clarity and quality of life much further. I followed my natural thirst for self-actualization and began exploring body-centered modalities for personal healing and transformation which enabled me to become certified as a Teacher in the Realization of Fundamental Consciousness (by inhabiting the internal space of the body).

It wasn’t long before students and clients began working with me on a regular basis, which has wholeheartedly been, and continues to be the most rewarding thing in my life. 

This compassion is my oxygen. It is my innate language.  

I have come to realize that far too many of us simply don’t know how to take charge of the mind's restlessness. We let the stories of our past and the anxieties of our future define who we are, when instead it is entirely possible to live free of such bondage; totally absorbed in self-creation.

This is our birthright. 

I don’t teach anything that requires your belief, I only care to help guide you back into your own dorment inner clarity by earnestly transmitting my own direct insight into love, joy and auspiciousness. 

Whatever the issue, I work with, and - as awareness - from the ground of emotion in order to help people practically (not conceptually) make deep inward contact with themselves, and the constrictions inside the body, so that with practice, one can liberate themselves from mental, physical and spiritual entanglements in order to become more familiar with an inherently perfect and joyful condition; which is our stable, natural and powerful birthright for intuitive living, spontaneous action, fearlesness, less reactivity and more harmony, even amidst life’s ebbs and flow.