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60 minutes @ £300 (Sliding scale and long-term packages upon request)

Developed by Dr. Daniel P. Brown, PhD, the Ideal Parent Figure Protocol (IPF) presents a distinctive method for healing attachment disorders through time-honoured meditation practices. 

Whether we want to date more securely, become good partners or better parents, this protocol is part of Dr. Brown's three-pillar approach to healing and growing:

  • (Reparenting) Development of a stable internal working model for healthy attachment using Ideal Parent Figures.
  • (Meta-cognition) Fostering better metacognitive skills in order to increase reflective capacities around our own states of mind.
  • (Collaborative Relationships) Fostering collaborative behaviour and relational skills. 

If adamantly interested in this work, please arrange a free 30-minute zoom consultation through the link below in order to see if we are a good fit.



60 minutes @ £250.00 (Sliding scale, monthly and annual packages available) 

Our bodies will enjoy releasing the unnecessary tension that we keep rehearsing. I will guide you through a gentle, multilayered and nuanced breathing protocol designed to disentangle mental knots, emotional kinks and physical tension. This teaches us how to use the breath in unusual ways that help reduce overthinking, diminish our armour and open us up better to people and our environment. 


  • Facilitates dissolution of holding patterns, easing up years of rehearsed armour and body tightness.
  • Increase the predictability and alleviation of negative states.
  • Shows you the obvious link between thinking and sensing 
  • Teaches you to refine somatic awareness, allowing for smoother breath modulation and space. 
  • Trains you to grow through and better sense / feel your hard emotions.
  • Carefully informs you of who you are and what you unnecessarily ignore. 

If adamantly interested in this work, please arrange a free 30-minute online consultation through the link below in order to see if we are a good fit.

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“Gentle, yet effective guidance through many deep and active issues in real-time, pointing out my strengths and blindspots with precision, while maintaining openness to new revelations. ”

- Josh Stark, Founder of Lower Beast Side, Inc.

A lot of wisdom and extreme skill at diagnosing what I need as well as empowering me to heal and grow."

Aasheesh Paliwal (SHISHI) Artist & Music Producer

Both a sharp blade and a tender heart. He’ll help guide you into the deeper undiscovered chasms of dysfunction -- the ones inevitably missed by more superficial modalities and mindset work.

- Ryan Schwartz, Co-Founder & Lead Coach at Empire Engineering

"Allowed me to connect to myself as well as go beyond myself in a truly impactful way. Much clarity, illumination, love and self-respect have echoed in my life and have been instilled in me from the work we've done together."

Liat Gorodenzik - Founder of Poise Studios

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Availability for one-on-one mentoring is currently selective. To ensure we're the right match and to identify the best approach tailored to your needs and goals, I encourage you to schedule an initial private consultation. Let's explore how we can work together effectively.